If you've been feeling the call to break away from the binding chains of doubt, shame and depression; then NOW is the time to show up for yourself and claim the freedom you deserve. Your birthright, as a Woman, is to live an empowered life brimming with clarity, grace, and confidence.

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You are not alone on this journey.

“I’m here to walk with you every step of the way until you are ready to fly!”

Melissa Romero

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What's In It For You?

Uncomplicated personalized solutions to living your life from an unapologetic space of self-love, forgiveness, and lasting success.
The missing mindset you need to shatter the limiting beliefs of your past. Easily empower yourself to create a purpose-filled reality in the present.
A NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. However ACCOUNTABILITY is KEY. If you change nothing then everything stays the same. I’ll watch your back and make sure your growth is always on track.

always a team player

I would highly recommend Melissa because she is well connected and very experienced in the spiritual world. I never received one sense of judgement and she is always a team player. If you are experiencing some troubles in life with yourself or someone close to you I would say that your experience with Melissa will help guide you in the right direction!


beautiful spirit

Melissa is a beautiful spirit. She is very professional and her wellness program helped made my life experience meaningful.


She’s a magical soul

I booked an intuitive Reiki session with Melissa and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I was experiencing some emotional and energetic lows and she went and cleared a lot of those unwanted energies. She made me feel completely comfortable and safe in her space. She’s a magical soul who’s great at what she does. She can really connect with spirit in many ways that can benefit especially during a reiki session when she’s trying to clear out things you are unsure of. I would Highly recommend her to anyone. She’s my go to person for this type of healing.


ball of sunshine

Melissa was literally a ball of sunshine. It was my first experience with Reiki healing and she made it easy to relax, was extremely comforting, and made the process inspiring and enjoyable. I’ve taken a lot of helpful insight from my reiki session and plan to see her again soon!



We had the pleasure of having Melissa Romero speak at our 3rd Annual She Means Biz Conference. She was able to take a subject that is sensitive to most people and teach about it with gusto! The DivaGirl audience resonated with her honesty and the tips she provided about abundance mindset. Not only was her talk valuable, she was also so easy to work with. I highly recommend her as a speaker to educate and empower other people.

Majet Reyes, MS

DivaGirl Tribe CEO

Resilient Mind Works Owner/Trauma Counselor

how it works

STEP 1 Decide This Is Your Moment To Live Unapologetically
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STEP 3 On The Date And Time You Select We'll Jump On A No-Strings-Attached Call To Help You Clear Out Any Blockages And Limitations Which Are Keeping You From Being Truly Happy

The Spiritual Misfit, a barrier breaking personal development coach; who guides women on an unapologetic journey from limiting beliefs to living the sweetest version of life possible. I help you activate the divine feminine force necessary to make fearless decisions from the heart.

My specialty is helping my fellow sister’s connect with their true life purpose and empowering them with the tools to make it happen. As The Spiritual Misfit, I pride myself in offering you practical applications to operate from an unapologetic space of self-love, forgiveness, and holistic success.

Many women consider this healing style and soul growth technique to be raw, real and deeply nurturing. Your experience with me is guaranteed to awaken the dormant superpowers within you!

The Spiritual Misfit Journey Is Unapologetic Happiness For Women

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